Translator/Interpreter of the week

Cristina Cevenini

Technical/Patent translator since 1991. Contact me whenever you want, I’m here to help you.


The association


The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009. With its international membership, its purpose and activities are intended to help every single translator and interpreter in the world. In a globalized world for a globalized profession, IAPTI stands out as a voice for individual translators and interpreters only, promoting ethical practices.


Some Benefits

Community and Networking

Exclusive forum and Facebook
members group to discuss every
aspect of our profession with absolute freedom.


Exclusive Workshops, Webinars
and Conferences to improve your skills.

Multilingual Matters

You can buy books and reference
material at a discounted price (30% discount) on their website!

Online Profile

International visibility and full listing in our Online Members Directory.