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  • International visibility through an online profile.
  • Full listing in our Online Members Directory.
  • Personal e-mail address (name@iapti.org) and  use of IAPTI Logo on personal stationery.
  • Free annual subscription to MultiLingual magazine (digital issue).
  • NEW! Partnership with Business School for Translators and Negocia-Vende-Traduce, two marketing initiatives from Marta Stelmaszak (WantWords).
  • NEW! Partnership with Websites for Translators. Special offers for IAPTI Members! Visit http://tiny.cc/72anrx to learn more.
  • NEW! 30% off on memoQ pro translator licenses.
  • NEW! 20% discount on Routledge Translation titles when purchased through www.Routledge.com.
  • 25% off on AIT Software (Translation Office 3000, Anycount, Projetex).
  • 25% discount on the public list price of Wordfast (new licenses only in addition to existing Wordfast country-specific discounts).
  • Multilingual Matters. You can buy books and reference material at a discounted price (30% discount) on their website!
  • Member-priced subscription to Payment Practices list  ̶ A must for translators and interpreters!
  • Articles, White Papers, and Reports about T&I. Visit our Website!
  • Exclusive forum and Facebook members group to discuss every aspect of our profession with absolute freedom.
  • Advice on Good Professional Practices.
  • Workshops, Webinars and Conferences (free or at reduced-rate for IAPTI Members).

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