Objectives – IAPTI
  • To promote ethical practices in the field of Linguistic Translation and Interpretation.

  • To represent and protect the interests of its Members, who shall be Translators and Interpreters in all of their specialties.

  • To stimulate the creation of institutional bonds with other associations and public entities, both foreign and domestic, in defense of the Translating and Interpreting profession.

  • To contribute to the training, specialization and professional development of Translators and Interpreters, by means of professional training activities and academic dissemination, such as the organization of congresses, seminars and meetings, and through the issuing of publications and the development of academic activities, etc.

  • To be in attendance, in the person of its Representatives, at congresses, events and meetings relating to linguistic translation and interpretation.

  • To issue public opinions on subjects related to and surrounding translation and interpretation activities.

  • To establish personal, postal, electronic, telephone and/or any other type of communications links with Members of the Association so as to permit constant interaction on professional and social issues.

  • To advance general knowledge regarding the task of Translators and Interpreters.

  • To promote the intellectual and cultural improvement of its Members.