The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) has been created by a group of professional language mediators as a vehicle for promoting ethical practices in their profession, as a venue in which to establish a dialog, without censorship and without conflicts of interest, with the aim of promoting effective professional ethics.

IAPTI is a civil association, legally established as such on September 30, 2009, in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina.

The Founding Members of IAPTI are the following Translators and Interpreters: Atenea Acevedo, Lucille Barnes, María Leticia Cazeneuve, María Corinaldesi, María Eugenia Díaz Bancalari, Inés García Botana, Héctor Gomá, Gisela Herrera, Aurora Matilde Humarán, Mariana Idiart, María Karrá, Patricia Labastié, Marcela Losavio, Luciana Lovatto, Claudia Martel, Gabriela Mejías, Marcela Mestre, Eva Moreda, Santiago Murías, Dan Newland, María Florencia Otero, Patricia Pereyra, Eduardo Pérez, Gabriela Pfluger, Germán Porten, María Natalia Rezzonico, Alejandro Tolaba Arias, Sergio Viaggio, Lorena Vicente, Mariano Vitetta, Fernando Walker, and Natalia Zudaire.

IAPTI is open to all professional translators and interpreters who wish to join it worldwide.

With its international membership, its purpose and activities are intended to hel every single translator and interpreter in the world. In a globalized world for a globalized profession, IAPTI stands out as a voice for individual translators and interpreters only, promoting ethical practices.