Title (in translation): Susurros de sabiduría: cinco hábitos para vivir sabiamente
Publisher: Amazon
Writer: Ana Rita Gonzalez-Luna
ISBN: 1513695835

In this life, if your thoughts, your words, and your actions are in harmony, you will be driven by wisdom.

The wisdom-driven life is one of continuous learning and contributing. From this place of benevolence, we can fully embrace a path of peace and gratitude. We turn our backs forever on the power-hungry tendencies we have come to adopt and lead with empathy for all. When we welcome wisdom into our lives, we invite loving connection with everyone and everything around us.

In this book, President & CEO of Policy Wisdom, LLC, Ana Rita Gonzalez-Luna, shares five proven ways to develop wisdom in daily life. In her heartfelt, conversational style, Ana Rita offers her personal experiences and teachings to guide you toward a life you love. You will learn how to make meaningful connections that bring satisfaction and fulfillment to your soul, a skill that—while rarely observed—we all have the capacity to uncover.