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MY WORK EXPERIENCE: February 2021 to present: – Legal Translator and research? Native Women association of Canada – Assists in the preparation of patent evaluation reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information. – Keeps records and maintains a database of documents as they are translated and evaluated. – Assists in the understanding of the nuances of translated documents by investigating and understanding unfamiliar definitions and terms. – Reading through original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained. – Using specialist dictionaries, thesauruses and reference books to find the closest equivalents for terminology and words used. – Researching legal, technical and scientific phraseology to find the correct translation. – Proofreading and editing final translated and edited documents. September 2018 to January 2021: – French Trainer corporate/ Translator/Reviser, National Defence of Canada (Government employees) . Assess French language proficiency and progress of learners in Reading, Writing and Oral interaction • Design, develop and supply products and services relating to the second language learning, development, and follow-up. • Evaluating level of students taking placement tests at the beginning of the semester. • Planning semester curriculum and preparing lesson plans for each class; sharing the course work in advance with students through a defined online platform. • Leading scheduled in-class sessions and supervising activities using a variety of instructional methods serving to enhance students’ ability to learn, and creating an energetic, engaged environment; making necessary adjustments based on students’ understanding and response. • Conducting distance learning sessions by using a defined online meeting platform and equipment. • Facilitating and engaging actively in class discussions, ensuring that all students are participating and interacting with one another. Using opportunities to shape discussion, and answering specific questions raised by students. • Adjusting curriculum and session plans, including assessment methods, to meet the needs of individual and organizational goals. • Aligning, where possible, course material to incorporate various aspects of the context; introducing cultural aspects to classes for richer understanding and appreciation. • Contribute to the “Greening Learning” Initiative by conducting paper-less learning with students. • In- house for coaching and teaching development on French as a second language for Canadian public service employees, assist them in their French language learning Process. • Analyse the specific requirements relating to learning and training follow-up. • Intensive one on one French Training with PFL2, level BBB, CBC, • Prepare the bi-weekly learning plan and the monthly progress report. Translation/Reviser (Corporate) . Produce final versions in the target language that are equivalent to the original text in terms of accuracy, completeness, meaning, style, and effectiveness. . Produce high-quality final versions of difficult, complex, and urgent documents by using the most appropriate range of vocabulary and scientific or technical terms. . Conduct terminology research for a better result and advice staff on linguistic matters in French language. • Provides/reviews translations and adaptations for both internal and external audiences and related language services to help the organization deliver its products and message. • Ensures content accuracy and style interpretation of translations in accordance with the organization’s style guidelines. • Verify the content accuracy includes detailed comparison of content, facts and figures and making sure there are no omissions from the source, documents, slides, complex or technical texts translations and proofreading. • Compare the French and the English versions for accuracy and release the final products for dissemination. • Review and provide recommendations regarding the content of advertising and marketing materials from English to French. • Conduct research for use in training, and in support of clients’ documents translation, Editing and French language terminology advices. • Translate text from the source to the target language and/or proofread for errors or omissions. • Translate documents from English to French occasionally assigned. • Develop and/or locate relevant French or English equivalents of specialized or technical terms. • Ensure that translation text is technically, linguistically, and grammatically correct, error free and should meet high quality of standards. August 2016- August 2018 French Instructor/ Language Training Facilitator, Franco Langues, Ottawa, Ontario • Delivered effective French language training to Adults learners, level BBB, CBC, and CCC. • Caught and taught French to the Canadian Government Employees, assist them in their French language learning Process. • Intensive one on one Training with PFL2, Level A, B, C, E • Participated in the development of Franco Languages training programs on subject such as French as Second Language, Canadian Public Commission Material (Books, Audio.) • Assessed French language levels (A, B and C) in Reading, Writing and oral interaction. • Reported to the Manager and Supervisor Avril 2015- June 2016 Freelance French / Reviser/ Transcriptionist, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Nairobi, Kenya • Planned and edited new articles in capacity building for the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya. • Helped prepare speeches and helped prepare documents for presentations. • Actively bring and give some suggestion for a better document’s understandings. • Coordinated all aspects of translation requests from initial assessment to final delivery. • Assessed translation requests for completeness, complexity, and accuracy. • Planned, scheduled, and monitored translation projects. • Performed comparative edits of exam content, related documents, and training materials: • Compared original (English) to the translation (French), identifies inconsistencies and ensures the style and terminology are consistent with the original. • Evaluated the quality of translations or revisions and provides recommendations. • Provided stylistic edits as needed (edits for clarity, coherence and refines the language). October 2010- March 2015 French Instructor (language training) for public servants in different federal ministries Documents translator (Infrastructure Canada, Canadian War Museum, Foreign department…) Graybridge Malkam, Ottawa, Canada • Translated documents and text related to policies in different ministries, • Proofread text for Canadian policy and communication advisors. • Prepared the public service official tests (Written and Oral Tests level BBB, CBC, CCC) • Developed of training standards by using PFL2. • Prepared teaching materials and outlines for courses • Taught French (Grammar, technical vocabulary, and explanations) • Tutor/one-on-one instruction used audio-visual equipment. • Conducted course and program evaluation. • Prepared the monthly learning plan and the monthly progress report. • Prepared reports for the Language program manager. July 2006- March 2010 Office Administration: Administrative Assistant: SVP Traductions, Paris, France • Received requests and responded to inquiries from customers. • Translated the requests in French or in English before receiving the texts to translate. • Prepared sales orders and entered orders in SAP System. • Built and maintained customer relationships, handled customer complaints. • Performed routine tasks required resolution of different issues. • Received process and follow up on orders and inquiries within the SAP environment. • Performed data entry, edited, proofread documents with details. • Prepared reports and product information in French, English or in German





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