Published 2011-08-24

WEBINAR: “Tips for running your business profitably and efficiently” (Corinne McKay)

Title:               “The Business Side of T&I (Part II) Tips for running your business

            profitably and efficiently”

Presenter:        Corinne McKay

Date:               September 20, 2011 9 AM her time (4 pm GMT)

Language:       English

Cost:               IAPTI Members: 15 USD  Non-members: 25 USD


Corinne McKay has been referred to as ?the translator?s coach? and ?the guardian angel of freelance translators.? She has nearly a decade of experience as a French to English translator and her book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator has helped almost 5,000 translators launch or grow their freelance businesses. In addition to translating international development, legal and corporate communications texts, Corinne teaches for the University of Chicago translation certificate program and serves as President of the Colorado Translators Association. Her blog, Thoughts on Translation, was selected as one of Lexiophiles? top 25 blogs by a language professional in 2011. Corinne is also a certified telemark ski instructor and can often be found skiing, biking and hiking in the Rockies with her husband and daughter.

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