Published 2010-06-26

Webinar: The Publishing Industry

Having one’s translation published can be gratifying and may serve as an excellent reference. So much so that many translators are ready to accept the customarily low rates  -and “standard” contract terms- imposed by publishers. But what are the economic and other factors behind these particularly low rates? Can the situation be improved?

With 10 published book translations and an extensive experience in revising other translators’ and authors’ work to bring it to publication standards, Attila has gained considerable experience in working with the publishing industry, and will share it with the attendees. The covered issues include:

1. Rights
2. Money matters
3. Contract
4. PEN model contract
5. Specification of the task
6. Trilateral relationship (author-translator-publisher)
7. Finding a publisher for a book: two scenarios
8. Suggestions for improving authors’ and translators’ situation
9. Question and answers

The learning objectives of this webinar session include:

1. Be aware of the basics of copyrights
2. Get a rough picture of how the price of a book is shared among the different parties involved (publisher, author, translator, distributor, etc.) – and why
3. Get to know the common pricing schemes applied in the publishing industry
4. Understand the most important terms of a contract
5. Get to know in detail the PEN model contract, which can serve as a good starting point for negotiations
6. Be aware of the difficulties inherent in a trilateral relationship between author, translator, and publisher
7. Get some hints how to deal with two typical scenarios of finding a publisher (when the author approaches the translator and when the translator has a book he/she would like to translate for a publisher)