Published 2011-12-13

WEBINAR: DTP for Translators

Although DTP
is not an essential task that translators ?must? provide to clients, more and
more often clients are requesting this service. DTP work can be carried out by
using a word processor application with advanced features for character and/or
paragraph formatting (Microsoft® Office suite) or a dedicated DTP
professional software application (Adobe® InDesign®,
Adobe® Illustrator®, Quark Xpress®, etc.).
To carry out a
DTP job we must follow some basic layout rules and be acquainted with the
features provided by these applications. DTP is not an amateur task, but a
structured job requiring thorough attention to detail. In this webinar we will
deal with general DTP issues, explaining how to manage some features and taking
into consideration overall rules governing DTP. We will not be able to cover
all the features/options of a particular DTP application, but we hope it will
help you become more familiar with DTP to carry out some common DTP requests
from customers.