Published 2014-05-21

Marta M Stelmaszak in Buenos Aires

"Masterclass in business for translators" (Marta Stelmaszak)

Traditionally, the study of business and companies has been confined to exclusive MBA degrees or business school courses, creating the impression that the business world is difficult and uninviting. This workshop will break the division and bring business knowledge and discussions to the world of freelance translation.
During her first visit to Argentina and in fact the whole of South America, Marta Stelmaszak is going to deliver business school-like workshop on key strategies, tactics and tools in business, marketing and sales for freelance translators and interpreters. Having talked the talk and walked the walk, Marta will share some of the most important business lessons she’s learned throughout formal education as well as real-life experience.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to talk, think and do business.
 Registration is now open here.