Published 23 July, 2021

“Interpreter training from Zoom Gloom to Zoom Glee: RSI 2.0, the New Challenges.” (Florencia Tebano)

Note-taking used to be a key tool for interpreters willing to work in consecutive mode. As of 2020, assignments are primarily RSI, suggesting the end of CI. However, market changes have increased global selectivity and competitiveness. In this scenario, note-taking becomes a differentiation tool to achieve the qualitative shift that RSI calls for.María Florencia Tebano is an English<>Spanish Scientific and Literary Translator and Conference Interpreter with over twenty years´ professional experience. Her international experience as a Lecturer in Foreign Languages at UPenn (USA) gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion for curriculum. Upon her return to Argentina, she serves as a translator, interpreter and interpreter trainer.


📌 August 21, 2021 at 2 PM UTC

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