Published 2011-11-01

If you want to be a professional interpreter…Things to consider and how to get started (Emmanuël Hazé)

About Emmanuël Hazé: -Degree in translation in French-English, Spanish and Portuguese obtained in 1990 from the Ecole des Interprètes Internationaux, Mons, Belgium. -Degree in interpreting in French-English.Spanish and Portuguese obtained in 1992 from the Ecole des Interprètes Internationaux, Mons, Belgium. -Freelance interpreter at the Europarl from 1992 to 1994. -Freelance interpreter in the private European sector from 1994 with clients like WHO, EU Institutions, World Bank, IMF, regional governments, technical research centres and universities, among many others. -Translation Department Coordinator at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Valencia -Director of the Master in Multidisciplinary Conference Interpreting at UEM Valencia -University Liaison Officer of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) If you want to register, send an e-mail to to book your place. Limited space available! Please note that the start time is 3 pm GMT. To convert this to your time zone, please use a time-zone converter such as