Published 2010-03-16

IAPTI Student Forum Launch

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters is pleased to announce the opening of the IAPTI Student Forum. The IAPTI Student Forum is an exclusive forum for translation and interpretation students.

In the Forum, students from all regions can meet, collaborate and discuss issues related to their studies and the profession. They can also connect with IAPTI authorities who will engage in students? discussions and offer their viewpoint and guidance.

By registering, members will be able to reply to or start discussions in the forum. Membership also grants access to articles and news about events in the profession. Registered students will receive updates about IAPTI events, training and workshops.

The IAPTI Student Forum is a network of students from different regions where they can share experiences and perspectives. This Forum is another effort by our association to promote good practices in our profession.

Membership to the Forum is free of charge. To register visit or follow the forum registration guide…php?aid=4.

Our Student Forum is ready to welcome new participants on board!

On behalf of IAPTI:
Maria Karra, Head of Foreign Relations Committee