Published 2013-07-14


Dear Members and Friends,
After nearly four years since its founding, the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) continues to grow steadily and is fast becoming the far-flung and highly active international association that its creators envisioned when they first discussed the need for an organization devoted to the defense of our profession and colleagues worldwide. From the original 33 translators and interpreters hailing from a number of different countries who signed IAPTI’s Bylaws as founding members on September 30, 2009, our association has been growing steadily, and today it boasts members in 58 countries around the world.
IAPTI is a dynamic organization for these dynamic times, in which our profession finds itself under constant attack by unscrupulous talent wholesalers, often outsiders, whose goal is to market intellect as a commodity, to belittle the importance of quality and, ultimately, to accumulate vast profits at the expense of those without whom they would have no product to sell. IAPTI’s goal is to educate professionals and potential and current clients alike, in order to make them aware of how working for and contracting the services of such mass wholesalers is detrimental to the best interests of contractors and customers alike and, in the end, to the translation and interpreting profession and market as a whole.
Our aim is also to provide our members with enlightening worldwide conferences and events, information about ever-developing tools of the trade, forums in which to exchange views and develop ideas, and mutual support in defending our rights and advancing our causes. These are not tepid times for the translation and interpreting profession but ones of sharp contrasts and contradictory opinions. It is IAPTI’s belief that there is no room, then, for lukewarm attitudes regarding the defense of its members and their multiple interests. That is why you will see us speaking out in plain language and well-researched articles in forums, blogs and social networks around the globe.
We are publishing this latest message in order to familiarize everyone with changes in IAPTI’s roster of authorities and staff. It should be noted that all authorities and staff members serve IAPTI ad honorem, and do so out of a sense of devotion to the principles of this association. Bearing this in mind, the Board takes this opportunity to thank every officer and staff member for their dedication and hard work, and for their loyalty to the principles that make IAPTI the unique international organization that it is today. A special vote of thanks goes to those who have imbued the association with their enthusiasm, drive and hard work since day one (September 30, 2009), and even before, when IAPTI was in the process of its formation.
This is the roster of IAPTI officers and staff members as it stands today:
Our best wishes, as always, to members of the worldwide T&I community, and our heartfelt thanks to IAPTI members, authorities and staff alike.

About the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) is an NPO created in 2009 ?on St. Jerome’s Day? by a group of professional translators and interpreters to promote ethical practices, represent and protect the interests of its members and fight the negative repercussions of globalization on our careers. We focus on the challenges affecting the sector, such as clients’ emphasis on price over quality, the proliferation of agencies capitalizing on cheap labor to the detriment of independent translators, wrong use of machine translation, subcontracting, and the lack of job stability. As of today, the Association is made up of translators and interpreters from 58 countries, including, among others, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Haiti, Greece, Argentina, United States, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Italy, Nigeria, and Brazil.


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