Published 2017-04-05

“A book for you, a book for them!”

The ongoing Syrian War, which began in 2011, is by far the worst conflict and human tragedy of our time, to date having cost between 400,000 and half a million lives, many of them women and children. It is also the main focus of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with 11 million Syrians having sought refuge in other countries or living as displaced persons within their own territory. Another major victim of that conflict has been education. Some 2.8 million Syrian children are currently not receiving an education and an estimated 2 million have been traumatized by their wartime experiences.

At our IAPTI 2017 Conference in Buenos Aires, we will be granting time for the presentation of a special educational project based on a book entitled "Jamil and Jamila", designed to not only draw worldwide attention to the plight of Syrian children but also to help Syrian youth gain greater self-awareness and mutual understanding.