Article 5 – The following categories are hereby established for members:

a) Active. Admission under this category may be requested by anyone who a) possesses a diploma as a translator or interpreter issued by a recognized institution, or b) has had a minimum of four years of experience as a translator or interpreter and can provide accreditation of such situation before the Admissions Committee. In both cases, admission to the Association shall always be at the discretion and approval of the Admissions Committee.

b) Honorary. This category of membership shall be awarded in recognition of services rendered to the Association or of the person in question’s career in the profession, and shall be designated via the approval of members in a General Meeting, upon proposal by the Board of Directors or by 20% of the members with voting rights. Belonging to this category is merely a form of honorable mention and, as such, does not carry with it the acquisition of rights or the imposition of obligations of any kind whatsoever. Honorary members who wish to have the same rights as active members should request their admission under that category, in which case pertinent conditions shall be modified accordingly.

c) Life. Life members shall acquire this status following 25 uninterrupted years as members of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters.

*The CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION mentioned hereby are part of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters´ Bylaws.