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Aisha Barbara Farina
Member No. 2449
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We provide a full range of translation services throughout the UK.
We specialise in high-quality certified translations, in the following fields: Legal, Financial, Medical and Technical translation.

We translate from/into:
English, Italian, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

Baraka's certified translations are accepted by UK authorities, including Home Office and the court system, NHS, HMRC (Tax Credit) and Benefits Offices, Embassies and Consulates, as well as most organisations abroad.

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  • Personal and Commercial Correspondence
  • Religion


I am a certified, highly qualified and experienced translator with a demonstrated history of working in the translation and localization industry, having about twenty years of experience in this field. My working experience includes books as well as certified translation services. My key skills include Intercultural Communication, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), linguistics.

I am a proud Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London and an Associate Member of the Institute of Translating and Interpreting.
I hold a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts. I obtained my Translator Certificate and a Level 6 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

I have been translating books from French and English into Italian language since 1995. Some of my translation works have been published by Edizioni Al-Hikma and An-Nasihah Publications. I was a Translator and Quality Assurance Manager for the Translation Department of AIMS-UK from 2010 to 2011. I am also a former teacher and school librarian, with a long experience in teaching the Global English Cambridge Curriculum in International schools in the United Kingdom, supporting students with English as a second language.

In 2012, I founded Baraka Certified Translations; we specialise in high-quality certified translations, accepted by UK authorities, including Home Office, NHS, HMRC (Tax Credit), Benefits OfficesEmbassies and Consulates, as well as most organisations abroad.

Aisha Barbara Farina, BSc (Hons), BAIS, MCIL, AITI
Certified Translator
Manager of Baraka Certified Translations 


Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London (No. 52983)

Associate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (No. 00017483)

Member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (No. 2449)