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IntelliWebSearch 5 (Specific search techniques and settings)

IAPTI and Michael Farrell, the developer of IntelliWebSearch, have got together to offer you an on-line training course covering the main features of IntelliWebSearch Version 5 and how to set the software up to solve some of the most frequently occurring search problems. IntelliWebSearch is a sophisticated tool that semi-automates the terminology search process so your task can be completed more rapidly and effortlessly in the interest of your sanity.

If you are not yet an IntelliWebSearch Version 5 user, please download the program from www.intelliwebsearch.com/version-5/download/. If you have never tried the tool before, you can ask for a two-month trial activation code during installation.

Colleagues attending the course will receive:

1. Two complimentary six-month licence codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5 (the period of validity commences from the date of the first webinar).

2. Training notes supplied by the trainer.


FREE for IAPTI Members!