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Webinar: A Translator's Introduction to SMT

This 60-minute webinar introduces statistical machine translation (SMT) from the perspective of its role as a tool for the professional translator. The introduction clarifies how SMT works with practical exercises drawn from translators' daily activities to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, regardless of its implementation. The webinar includes advanced topics from a unique perspective, such as "context as a constraining influence to the machine" and "context as a liberating tool for the editor" with language for non-technical professionals.

The introduction continues with a discussion of SMT within the localization value chain and the professional translators' role in the SMT market. Throughout the webinar, the leader shares some of his more humorous experiences supporting language professionals. The webinar concludes with an open discussion where participants can ask questions and voice concerns. Expected topics include the threats to confidentiality and intellectual property from "cloud" solutions versus technical skill and aptitude requirements for desktop solutions.

Intended participants: professional translators, editors and proofreaders.