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Webinar: "Creativity in video game localization"

In this webinar, Pablo Muñoz Sánchez will give an introduction of the different ways a translator can be creative when localizing a video game. As we will examine, the golden rule to be creative is to use the source text as a base and then forget about it to create a natural, appealing target text. We will see this in all kinds of examples: character names, character descriptions, dialogue characterization (e.g. accents), songs, rhymes, etc. All in all, the main aim of this webinar is to show why it is called "video game localization" and not "video game translation", technical aspects aside.

Webinar: "Creativity in video game localization"

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - 3:00 PM GMT

Speaker: Pablo Muñoz

Language: English 

IAPTI Members: 15 USD

Non-members: 25 USD

To register, contact us at info.request@aipti.org