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30 - 06 - 2018
Translate Emily Wilson into your own language

It is IAPTI's privilege to present renowned classics translator Emily Wilson as a Keynote Speaker for our international conference later this year. And now we want to give you all a chance to interact with Emily in the universal language that T&I professionals share: the language of translation.

Emily is probably best known for her impeccable and innovative English translation of Homer's The Odyssey and now we're inviting you to translate a piece of the work of this master translator into your native language.

The text below is the first verse of The Odyssey as translated into English by Emily. Send us your translations to spainconference@iapti.org before August 1, 2018. Contributions will be published at our next conference and on the social networks.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tell me about a complicated man.
Muse, tell me how he wandered and was lost
when he had wrecked the holy town of Troy,
and where he went, and who he met, the pain
he suffered in the storms at sea, and how
he worked to save his life and bring his men
back home. He failed to keep them safe; poor fools,
they ate the Sun God?s cattle, and the god
kept them from home. Now goddess, child of Zeus,
tell the old story for our modern times.
Find the beginning.