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Bogdan Dusa
Member No. 326
    • Translation
    • Localization
    • Editing / Proofreading


BA in Philology, "Spiru Haret" University in Bucharest, Romania

Dissertation called "Translating English Scientific and Technological Texts - a critical approach"

  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Energy / Power / Oil and Natural Gas
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Environment and Ecology
  • General
  • Sciences
  • Transport and Telecommunications


Professional translator since 1997.

2002 - 2007, 2008 - present

Quality assurance services
- Supervise the overall QA process, from quality planning (actions taken before translation), to quality control (actions taken both during and after translation) and quality improvement (actions taken after translation), all the procedures focusing on the three Ps: Provider, Process, Product
- Supervise the creation and maintenance of terminology resources: TMs and glossaries
- Perform a final check of the translated materials both with CAT tool own QA features and dedicated verification software (Xbench, Verifika)
- Use Regex codes for a variety of purposes, from better import of files into CAT tools (segmentation rules) to better formatting in MS Word (wildcards)

Translation services
Selected translation projects that I've carried out:

Translation of car user guides, service manuals and other automotive materials (English into Romanian)
- Translation of installation and maintenance instructions for industrial machinery (actuators, valves, seals) (English into Romanian)
- Translation of reports and other specialized documents for one of the world's leading steel and mining company (French into Romanian)
- Translation and localization of web applications and software (English into Romanian)
- Translation of EU-related materials: a series of European Citizens' Consultations (English into Romanian), SCADPlus legislation summaries (French into Romanian) or Romanian (draft) laws, regulations and government decisions to be aligned with the EU rules (Romanian into French)
- Translation of social documents: official materials necessary for accession to the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives - European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CESSDA-ERIC) (English into Romanian) or social surveys and questionnaires (Romanian into English)

In-house translator:
2007 - 2008: European Commission, Luxembourg
Main responsibilities:
- Translation into the mother tongue, revision and evaluation of documents requested by the Commission
- Editing in the mother tongue of important documents drawn up by the requesting services
- Execution, as case may be, of any other linguistic tasks necessary to effectively carry out the DG's mission, especially in terms of internal communication and information management

1999 - 2002: Central European Translations SRL, Bucharest, Romania
Selected projects in which I was involved:
- Coordination of a large translation project regarding several feasibility studies destined to Oracle software implementation (English into Romanian)
- Translation of car user guides (English into Romanian)
- Translation of technical equipment software (English into French)

1997 - 1999: ABC Traduction SRL, Bucharest, Romania
Selected projects in which I was involved:
- Translation and interpreting services within a forest restoration project for Japanese environment experts (Romanian into English)
- Translation of a combine harvester user guide (English into Romanian)


Member of ATR - Romanian Translators Association (full member of FIT - International Federation of Translators): www.atr.org.ro

Member of IAPTI - International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters: http://www.aipti.org


MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe (Reader)

CAT tools: SDL Studio, memoQ