The myth of the lonesome translator (Erika Cosenza)

“Translation is a lonely profession.”  You’ve heard this one before, right? Maybe you have even said it at some point. Lonely? You think? Well, think again. Thanks to translation, almost twenty years ago, I met two dear friends. Since then, we’ve shared way more than professional paths and gigs. One of them has recently turned […]

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ATRAE States its View on Post-Editing

The Spanish Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation Association (ATRAE) is taking a stand against post-editing by urging the major audiovisual platforms to eliminate such practices. The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) endorses ATRAE’s statement, and translated it into English to reach the international T&I community. ATRAE States its View on Post-Editing The Spanish […]

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60 translators who changed the world

Marie Lebert Translators have always responded to “the fierce, eternal will of the men and women on this planet to understand each other. At all times, many benevolent people have put people who are different by their language, their culture or their country in communication” (Rose Marie). This article owes a lot to Wikipedia. In […]

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