A passion for language (Aurora Humarán)

I don’t have any statistics on this or anything, but my intuition tells me that few people go through life as obsessed with their profession as translators and interpreters. Any of our relatives or friends would surely confirm this. Without a doubt, we spend a large part of our time immersed in our main tool: […]

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The Hierarchy of Translators (Hierarchy, What Hierarchy?)

The fact that we translators have no professional hierarchy (or, at least not the hierarchy that we deserve), need not be a source of useless griping or sterile debates on translation sites and lists. That we lack professional hierarchy becomes evident: when the deadline is of key importance (above all, in terms of the genuine […]

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What are really interpreter fees?

There seems to be a mystique around interpreters’ fees; how do interpreters set them, how they charge, what they charge for; what is it that they do. I thought that, as head of IAPTI’s Interpreters Committee, and practicing professional interpreter, I should cover the issue. This will clarify what we do, and educate the public. […]

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