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If Lady Gaga has a business plan, why shouldn't we?
I have seen too many colleagues stammering when working out an estimate, stopping at every morpheme, really suffering in a process that should be completely natural. My physiotherapist does not hold back when quoting his fees, why should I?
Yes, Word Choice Matters
There is nothing new about the idea that words are not all there is to reality, but that reality often cannot be changed without them.
Yes. There's Still Hope for Argentina's Translators
Any true translator must certainly feel sick at his or her stomach to hear translation being spoken of as a commodity.
The Hierarchy of Translators (Hierarchy, What Hierarchy?)
Who can forget that boss who said I should do the translations "quickly, however it comes out" (as if the response to a divorce suit could be done "quickly" or as if you could pull a tooth "however it comes out").
IAPTI DECRIES Student Exploitation
Those agencies started up their businesses in Argentina to fill their pockets with money by exploiting translators. They are not interested in anybody's education, let alone our profession. If tomorrow selling iPods or clothing for "floggers" were to prove more profitable, they would stop thinking about Collins, Trados or ATA conferences in a heartbeat.

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