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Your Professional e-thics might be at Risk!
We translate thousands of words daily using CAT tools. There are tons of programs to aid us during translation that we can choose from. Some of them are open-source, for others we have to pay and there are some which are offered on a subscription basis. However, we are now faced with a new type of utility which has been presented to us as the answer to all our problems, for both customers and service providers alike: The Cloud.
Post-editing: a niche for translators. What a glorious truth!
For several years now, technology has begun to be used, to the benefit of five rascals and the detriment of hundreds of thousands of translators.
"Making the price" of your translation services (as opposed to "taking the market price")
Every business, whatever its nature, including your translation business, is pursuing a number of objectives to guide its activities and mandate its actions. One of the main business objectives is to be profitable. While there are other important factors -growth, adding value to the company, etc.- without profitability it will not be possible to sustain your translation business in the medium to long term.
The Illogical Series (When a Big Translation Is a Big Problem)
What exactly is a big job? How many words merit my accepting a discount? And just what kind of percentage discount can we be expected to accept?
5 Pieces of Advice for Rookie Translators
To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, before I became a translation and interpretation student I used to translate some videogames in my free time. This allowed me to get to know the "ins and outs" of this type of project. When I was tested to work at Nintendo as an English-Spanish translator, I felt very comfortable thanks to my previous experience with such texts.

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