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Recovering the Dropped Ball (or, The Concept of the Professional Community)
It is clear as day that someone who is flogging a certain type of mass-use, post-editing software does not share our same professional interests.
Confidentiality and Google Translate
Our clients are the only ones who have the right to decide what aspects of their life or work are to be communicated to others, and they must have full knowledge of the procedures involved in the translation. If you plan to outsource the work or if you plan to use an online automatic translation tool or use any other method that might compromise privacy and confidentiality, you should tell your client and obtain his permission.
Weird Opinions on Translators and How to Educate the Public
'Lay people' tend to have a whole lot of weird, unsubstantiated and simply harmful views on translators. Taken away all wrongful misconceptions (like earning much for not doing anything, etc.) there's still plenty of myths about translators that you can come across. Those listed below are taken from my own experience: believe it or not, at some point of my career I've actually heard (or seen) people making these statements.
The Orwellian Redefinition of Translation Quality
What does the profession really gain from being accommodating with the McLSPs that provide lower quality? Nothing, especially when they are trying to eat our lunch and proletarianize the the profession by relativizing the notion of quality.
Confessions of a Conference Interpreter
I would love to start this article with the words "Hi, my name's Michelle and I'm a conference interpreter," but I'm afraid that would prompt readers to want to start patting me on the back consolingly and proffering tissues. Although, come to think of it, maybe adopting a "True Confessions" tone in this article is not such a bad idea, since it would fit quite nicely with the topic I plan to address: professional identity as seen by a conference interpreter.

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