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The thought that I could have done less research by using MT software to "help me out" strikes me as hilarious. And in such cases, I doubt there will ever be a substitute for applying the seat of your pants to a chair for hours on end until the job is done, and done right.
Our Predictions for 2013
Clients will not resort to online translators and later to us to post-edit the resulting rubbish. Clients will be increasingly more respectful of translators and interpreters? work. [...]
Too Much Ado about Machine Translation?
And this is a doubly self-destructive and self-effacing surrender, considering that the ultimate goal the MT/post-editing mix is, without a doubt, to continue to undermine the translation profession, while filling the pockets of the handful of giant translation wholesaler agencies that are seeking complete control of the translation market.
Luddite? Luddite my iPhone!
"We should use technology to assist us. We should not allow technology to assist others in using us." Rose Newell
Building the Universal Translator: a challenge for machine translation, human-machine interaction and human nature
Science-fiction almost unanimously takes one vision of our future universe for granted: that all peoples shall be able to communicate with one another. The technology enabling this is generally known as the ?Universal Translator?: enabling interaction, profitable trade agreements, peaceful resolution of conflicts and cross-cultural understanding.

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