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Using Cloud Solutions for Translation: Yes or No?
And keep in mind that you don't have to follow the crowd; just because many people use a certain cloud service doesn't make it any safer. Consider your own needs and the sensitivity of your data; that is, your clients' data.
The Obvious, Not So Obvious, and Subtle Reasons Why Machine Pseudo-Translation and Other Issues Hurt Translators (A Profession Increasingly Cornered)
I know my invitation to reflect on these topics is uncomfortable for many, but we need to recover the ball we dropped so long ago, so as to regain the hierarchy and sustainability of our profession. We’re still in time, but we need the very real commitment of all individual translators and interpreters and of all the associations that represent us. That should represent us.
"What is left behind" (Valerij Tomarenko)
What is left behind (Valerij Tomarenko)
Trendspotting - Conflict of interests
This document aims to investigate some cases of conflicting interests between freelance translators and middlemen, and demonstrate that such conflicts may become irreconcilable. As a prime example, the Framework Agreement between the UK Ministry of Justice and Applied Language Solutions is discussed in detail. Further thought is devoted to terms and conditions and technology. Finally, a number of suggested discussion points are listed. The examples presented below served as the backbone of the "Trendspotting round table" of the 2013 ProZ conference in Porto, Portugal. Many thanks to Marta Stelmaszak for her outstanding participation in the round table, as well as to the many other colleagues who made the discussion lively beyond expectation.
The Ideal Client
On further thought, I have also come to the conclusion that while gratitude is certainly in order--at both ends of the client-translator relationship--there is something clearly wrong with our profession when this kind of working environment is the exception to the rule. In fact, I would go as far as to say that my point-by-point description of the relationship that I've enjoyed with these three outstanding clients could well serve as a kind of manifesto to so many of the self-serving, do-nothing organizations worldwide that claim to be protectors of translators' professional rights and position, but which have stood by and watched with apparent apathy as the standards of international translating have plummeted in terms of quality, pay, working conditions and professionalism, and as wholesale outsourcing agencies have sought to turn this complex communications craft into a generic, gang-sourced commodity.

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