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A passion for language (Aurora HumarĂ¡n)
I don't have any statistics on this or anything, but my intuition tells me that few people go through life as obsessed with their profession as translators and interpreters. Aurora HumarĂ¡n
Interpreters are superior beings (Aurora HumarĂ¡n)
"Can one talk and listen at the same time?" "No!" we all answered in unison."
A short history of translation through the ages (Marie Lebert)
This article (a work in progress) was inspired by the Wikipedia entry on translation, which led up to other readings on Wikipedia and elsewhere. This is what Creative Commons (CC) is about: build up our work on the work of others before allowing others to build up their work on ours. Medieval translators for example were known for valuing openness and freedom, and would have certainly liked the CC licenses. Their translations had a major impact on scholarship and the advancement of society, and contributed to the development of vernacular languages and national identities around these languages. Translators went on playing a key role in many disciplines. But translators have often become "invisible" in the 21st century, with a precarious life and their names forgotten on press releases and book covers, as stated in an open letter released by a major translators association in October 2016. There is much to do to acknowledge (again) the translators' key role in knowledge, science, literature, culture and art.
We human beings are not monophonic by nature. We are multi-track and, additionally, prone to change. We change constantly. Polysemy is our life's blood. Google T is a machine that searches like a machine, but which has to settle for a limited range of grays.
The Difference between Translators and Toilet Paper (Steve Vitek)
Even translators who live in a poor country like Haiti have expenses, and they need to be able to make money to live. But how could they possibly compete with translators brought in by foreign NGOs and private companies whose labor is free, which is to say cheaper than toilet paper?

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